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Doing Things From Your Soul

Morning Walk on April 1st, 2012
Photo above taken on 2012-04-01 on a morning walk near Pfaffenberg/Germany.

When you do things from your soul,
you feel a river moving in you, a joy.
When action comes from another section,
the feeling disappears.

~ Rumi

Knowing I Do Nothing

Photo above taken on 2012-02-11 in Pfaffenberg/Germany.

Knowing I do nothing,
I do whatever comes my way,
And I am happy.

~ Ashtavakra Gita (13.3)

Ape and Vespa Veterans

I made the following photos from the Ape and Vespa veterans at the Rollerladen in Pfaffenberg. This company restores used Vespas and then sells them. They also sell new vehicles and scooter accessories. The photos were made by the mobile phone — not the best quality but nevertheless I think they express much “atmosphere”.

Apes Apes Vespas

Winter Romance

Today was a wonderful winter day. After some days with much clouds, fog and snowfall the sun came out a little bit. I made many photos. Here are six of them:

Winter Romance   Winter Romance   Winter Romance

Winter Romance   Winter Romance   Winter Romance