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The Path Of Love

Photo above taken with the cellphone on a morning walk on 2014-05-10 in Niederlindhart/Germany.

On the path of Love,
We are neither masters
Nor the owners of our lives.
We are only a brush
In the hand of the Master Painter.

~ Rumi

The Finest Art Is Music

“Among all the fine arts, the finest is music. Music is not composed of songs, melodies, or words only, but of the most subtle sound – nada – the vibration that spontaneously inspires all the cells and makes them dance. There could be no dance without the vibrations of nada. Because of this nada the stream of life sings with a particular rhythm and flows through various curves of life, giving its environment a new experience every time.”

“The most ancient traveler of this universe is the stream of life that sings and dances in its joy from eternity to eternity. In the ecstasy of meeting the Beloved, it finally unites with the ocean of bliss.”

“There is one more form of this sound, which is called soundless sound. Insiders alone become aware of this sound which is called anahata nada (inner sound). […] In the path of devotion Yogis learn to hear this soundless sound, the voice of the silence, the perennial music going on in every human heart.”

“The voice of silence is supreme. It is beyond all levels of consciousness and all methods of communication. Learn to listen to the world of silence. Rather than discussing scriptures and argues with sages, just enjoy their presence. You are on a journey; don’t stop for long at one place and get attached to anything. Silence will give you what the world can never give you.”

– From “Living with the Himalayan Masters” by Swami Rama –

Love, Peace And Happiness…

“Human relationships could be truly joyous; they could create a great and complete happiness, if two human beings really understood and accepted each other, and learned to follow the spiritual path together. All the great religions repeat one message; that God is the principal of equality, love, peace and happiness, within and without, which is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. If that is true, then who are you and from where did you come? You live in that love and peace; you have come from that. So that love, peace and happiness are within you too.”

Swami Rama